a cannabis defence for everyone



A Cannabis Defence for Everyone.


In 2018, cannabis was legalised in the UK for medicinal patients. This means that a GP can give a patient a private prescription for cannabis. This is a problem because only the people who can afford the private prescription can legally purchase cannabis in the UK, and purchasing cannabis any other way would be violating the Misuse of Drugs Act.

When transporting or using cannabis, usually the police will be the interference that you're most concerned about. The MedicanCard enables a diagnosed medical user to diffuse scenarios involving the police, explains how you can avoid having your cannabis confiscated and leave police interactions without any kind of charge or 'warning'. 

The MedicanCard proves to the police and Crown Prosecution Service that your intent was to supply yourself with medical cannabis. In the unlikely event that your personal possession case is taken to court, the Medican Package contains all the relevant information on how to avoid prosecution with mitigating factors. 


If you're not a medical user, the Medican Package provides scenarios that may apply to you, that can help you avoid cannabis related charges. Your one-to-one advisor can also assist with a defence with an aim to secure a non-guilty verdict. 

All our defences (medical and non medical) are valid, legal and represented with integrity. We will never mislead a court or present an untruthful account on behalf of a Medican account holder.


The Medican Package includes:

  • MedicanCard and information guide

  • Defence scenarios and case studies

  • Medican tags and information guide to help avoid cannabis confiscation 

  • Advice on managing larger amounts of personal cannabis

  • Info on growing personal cannabis and minimising charges

  • Dedicated one-to-one advisor.


Limited Availability - Feb 2022

due to the number of accounts that our advisors can accommodate


Is this legal?

Yes. The MedicanCard verifies to the police that your intent was to supply yourself with medical cannabis in order to avoid potential criminal charges.

What if I'm not a medical user?

Arguably, everybody uses cannabis for a medicinal purpose. Regardless, your advisor can work on a defence for a duty solicitor (if required) in order to avoid being charged.


Will I still be charged or prosecuted?

For most cases, no. Our advisors will discuss your scenario and work with you on your defence if you're asked to go to court, however depending on a range of factors including the size and seriousness of the accusation, you may have to follow court appeal procedures in order to completely avoid all charges, which can be stressful and longwinded but also rewarding.    

Does this make cannabis legal?

No. Buying cannabis without a prescription is still illegal - however the Crown Prosecution Service considers a range of factors before charging you with the offence. The information pack explains the mitigating factors that will be considered by the CPS for personal cannabis users, which alongside the MedicanCard make it very unlikely you will be taken to court.


Will the police still take my cannabis?

Police have been advised to use their discretion when dealing with medical cannabis. In most cases, the MedicanCard and included documentation will diffuse the situation and allow you to keep your cannabis. In some cases, lesser educated police could confiscate cannabis but the Medican advisors can explain the steps you can take in order to retrieve it.  

Do I have to be a medical cannabis patient to buy a MedicanCard?  

No. The Medican Package can help any cannabis user and also gives advice on how to receive a medical cannabis prescription.

What's included?

  • MedicanCard and information guide​

  • Police stop and search guide

  • Medican documentation and information guide to avoid cannabis confiscation

  • Advice on managing larger amounts of personal cannabis

  • Laws on growing personal cannabis and minimising charges

  • Dedicated one-to-one advisor

How much is it?

​The full MedicanCard pack and card with dedicated one-to-one advisor costs £19.00

Can I buy cannabis from Medican?

No, unfortunately not at this time.